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Which is the best kitchen paper towel holder?

Paper towels are used for many purposes in everyday life and are indispensable in almost all rooms of the house, especially in the kitchen space, where they can easily get wet and dirty if left on the countertop, making the use of a paper towel holder necessary.

Which is the best kitchen paper towel holder?

1, material: kitchen paper towel rack material mainly plastic material paper towel rack, metal material paper towel rack and wooden paper towel rack three. Among the metal material and there are stainless steel, alloy material, copper and so on.

The advantage of plastic paper towel racks is that they are light and stylish, with bright colours; the disadvantage is that they are made of fragile materials and have poor load-bearing capacity.

The advantage of metal paper towel holders is that they are strong and durable and will not deform; the disadvantage is that they are too bulky.

Wooden tissue holders have the advantage of being natural, eco-friendly and elegant; the disadvantage is that they are poorly resistant to mould and are not suitable for humid environments.

2, style: kitchen paper towel rack style there are wall-mounted and table type two, table type is also called vertical paper towel rack.

Wall-mounted paper towel holders also have two different styles of built-in and shelving.

Wall mounted paper towel racks are the most common style on the market and have been developed to be more functional. Some have a shelf for mobile phones and cigarettes, while others are combined with a shelf to make the most of every space.

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