The most popular home storage tools — pegboard缩略图

The most popular home storage tools — pegboard

Storage is not simply hiding all the things. In actual living life, it is better to have easy access and put back the bits and pieces that you often need to use. In addition to setting up open compartments or partitions, there is another way to make full use of the wall’s space for storage, which is pegboard storage.

Originally used in shopping malls or retail spaces as a backdrop for hanging merchandise, pegboard were later introduced into the interior design field to meet the function of piecemeal storage in space while not taking up space.

The pegboard can make full use of the vertical wall, saving space and making it easy to take. Because it comes with many accessories, it can be used in many ways at will, which is more flexible. Both storage and display functions, if you are a handyman, you can not only use the pegboard to store tools, but also hang the tool pegboard as a wall decoration.

The pegboard can be combined with hooks, laminates, round rods, storage baskets and other accessories to enrich the storage function and interest of the board, so that objects can be both hung and placed.

These are the matching combinations and designs on the board surface, in addition to this, the arrangement of the whole pegboard in the space can also be considered.

1.The entrance hall

The most popular home storage tools — pegboard插图

The entrance hall should meet the function of taking off and changing shoes and placing items, and the pegboard can directly meet and take out very convenient.

2.Study Room

The most popular home storage tools — pegboard插图1

The pegboard is placed on top of the desk to store various scattered objects for study and work, which not only satisfies the storage but also has the effect of decoration and beauty.


The most popular home storage tools — pegboard插图2

The pegboard used in the form of kitchen is very popular, can be very good storage placement of kitchen utensils tableware condiments and other odds and ends.The pegboard can be used in your home, workplace, garage, shed, basement, craft room, playroom, storage room, dorm room or retail store. Simple and easy to organize and store a variety of small items. such as crafting, sewing, ribbons, cricut, scrapbooking, tools, children’s toys, nerf game and accessories, and loose items. The perfect solution to help you declutter and get!

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