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The principle of triple-layered steel stainless steel cookware

Stainless steel pan is a kind of cookware commonly used in our daily life. In order to improve the heat conductivity and uniformity of stainless steel pans, manufacturers usually use three layers of steel.

Three-layer steel refers to the stainless steel (inner and outer layers) sandwich in the middle of the aluminium alloy. Through the design of this structure, stainless steel cookware achieves more efficient cooking results

Firstly, the triple-layer steel structure improves the thermal conductivity of stainless steel cookware. Traditional stainless steel has relatively low thermal conductivity and does not conduct heat very well. While aluminium alloy has good thermal conductivity, fast heat conduction and even heat. In composite bottom or triple-layer steel design, aluminium alloy is responsible for rapid heat conduction, making the cookware become hot quickly and transferring the heat evenly to the ingredients inside the pot thus improving the efficiency of cooking.

Secondly, the three-layer steel construction also improves the heat resistance and durability of the cookware. Stainless steel pots and pans, as common kitchen items, need to withstand high temperatures. Aluminium alloy, on the other hand, has better heat resistance and can withstand the wear and tear and deformation of pots and pans when used at high temperatures for long periods of time. Through the design of composite bottom or three-layer steel, the aluminium alloy block at the bottom of the cookware can evenly distribute and absorb heat, so that the temperature at the bottom of the cookware is even, reducing the damage of local high temperature to the cookware and extending the service life of the cookware.

Finally, the three-layer steel structure can also improve the energy-saving effect during the cooking process. As aluminium alloy has good thermal conductivity, the cookware rapidly conducts heat and warms up quickly, which can reduce the heating time and thus save energy. At the same time, as the aluminium alloy can quickly transfer heat to the ingredients inside the pot ingredients cooking time will also be shortened, further reducing energy consumption.

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