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Coffee filter choose stainless steel coffee filter or filter paper

Many people who like to drink coffee will buy their own coffee beans, use a bean grinder, and buy appliances to brew coffee. One of the coffee filter, is an important part of the mainstream filter now has two ways, one is filter paper, the other is with stainless steel filters.

Usually newcomers will not be able to distinguish between the two types of filtration what is different, so the following describes the advantages and disadvantages of each of the filter paper and stainless steel filters.

Paper Coffee Filters

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Coffee filter paper most traditional a single-use filter supplies, the vast majority of uses are used to filter coffee using filter coffee, the use of extremely dense fibers to retain ground coffee beans, coffee powder, the extracted coffee filter to the cup, to get a clean coffee solution, filter paper can also be filtered in the coffee terpene ester substances, mostly organic plant products, and good filter paper can filter out impurities, coffee to drink Also more mellow, more pronounced aroma.

Advantages: high convenience, use it up and throw it away, you can also change the brand; brew out the taste is cleaner; impurities less impurities mixed taste.

Disadvantages: more environmentally unfriendly use of paper; unbleached paper will have a paper smell; grease will be filtered out, resulting in coffee taste without grease sense.

Stainless steel coffee filters

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Save the less environmentally friendly filter paper as long as it is cleaned after use and can be reused, made of stainless steel is also durable and sturdy.

Suggestions: use a clean toothbrush to brush lightly after use, with edible baking soda to remove the oil, so as not to affect the taste of the next brew. Metal coffee filters can also extract the oil, the taste will be thicker and closer to the original taste of coffee beans, in the blind test can also feel the difference with the filter paper.

Advantages: more environmentally friendly, reuse through rinsing; more able to drink the original taste of coffee, thick taste.

Disadvantages: fine powder is easy to cause over-extraction resulting in excessive bitterness.

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