What are the advantages of triple-layered steel pans?缩略图

What are the advantages of triple-layered steel pans?

What are the advantages of triple-layered steel pans?插图

Three-layer steel pot material for stainless steel, stainless steel than general steel (carbon steel) has more advantages:

1, with better corrosion resistance and heat resistance: under the action of corrosive media, ordinary carbon steel surface will soon generate a loose layer of iron oxide, which is often referred to as rust, it can not prevent the metal and media isolation, the outside world of oxygen atoms will continue to diffuse inward, resulting in the steel continue to rust, corrosion, resulting in total destruction. Chromium will generate a layer of solid dense oxide film on the surface of steel, called ‘passivation film’. This film is extremely thin and transparent, almost invisible to the naked eye, but can be separated from the metal and the external medium, to prevent the metal from being further corrosion.

2, has the ability of self-repair: once damaged, the chromium in the steel will be with the oxygen in the medium to regenerate the passivation film, continue to play a protective role.

3, the production process is more perfect, better performance: composite alloy structure has 3 layers, 5 layers and 7 layers, the more layers, the more perfect the production process, the better the performance.

4, the pots and pans are heated evenly, heat conduction fast: so that cooking fire is more manageable, retaining more food nutrients and delicious.

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