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What is a door stoper and what does it do?

In our lives, many people use door stoper in their homes, but some people are not quite sure what the role of the door stop is, what exactly should the door stoper be used for when you buy it? To put it simply, the door stop is actually an auxiliary prop to stop the door and the door frame from closing, the role of the door stop is to keep the door open and not to close the door suddenly because of the wind.

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The advantage of a door stoper is that it actually holds the door to one side so that it cannot be closed, this way it prevents the door from slamming hard when the wind blows, thus damaging the door frame or the lock. It protects the door and has a soundproofing or sealing effect.

If the door is fitted with a door stop, one of the best things it can do is to prevent your hand from being caught when closing the door. For example, if you have a small child in the house, he is also more active and active, so if you install a door stop in the room, your child will not get his hand caught when closing or opening the door.

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In conclusion, a door stopper is a practical and cost-effective tool that offers protection, safety, and convenience. Whether you’re looking to preserve your interior walls or keep doors open for ventilation, the humble door stopper is a worthy addition to any space.

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