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What are the benefits of defrosting food in a defrosting plate?

The defrosting plate is made of one piece of high quality aluminium with a Teflon surface treatment. The superior thermal conductivity of aluminium enables high speed heat exchange, allowing frozen ingredients to achieve the fastest natural defrosting effect without the need for electricity and water consumption, fast defrosting while taking into account energy saving and low carbon, the plate can be recycled and reused, green and environmentally friendly.

Advantages of defrosting plates

By bringing the food into contact with the defrosting plate, which uses special environmentally friendly materials and techniques, the frozen food is defrosted in a hurry.

Advantages: fast and short, it saves time and maintains the original taste and nutrition of the food, and is healthy and hygienic. It is corrosion resistant and can be used for a long time.

A rough calculation shows that the defrosting time with a defrosting plate is one twentieth of the natural defrosting time, 1.5-2 minutes for melting ice, 8-10 minutes for melting fish, 10-15 minutes for melting pork and 15-20 minutes for melting steak.

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