The 5 essential utensils for hand-brewed coffee !缩略图

The 5 essential utensils for hand-brewed coffee !

When many coffee lovers get started, most of them start by making hand brewed coffee, which is one of the drip brewing methods, in fact the drip method is more common in offices and homes. If you want to enjoy an aromatic cup of hand-brewed coffee, then you must have the following 5 hand-brewed coffee tools.

1. Coffee Kettle

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The most important thing in a hand brewed pot is the water flow, as the water flow should be fine and even when extracting coffee, so that the rhythm and timing of the brew can be better controlled.

2. Electric bean grinder or manual coffee grinder

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If you want to extract coffee, you must first grind the cooked coffee beans and then brew them with water, and if you are just starting out with manual coffee grinder, you can buy a manual coffee grinder, which is simple, convenient and inexpensive, and may take a bit of effort to grind the beans, but it is also fun.

3. Coffee filters or stainless steel filters

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The filter paper is used to hold the coffee powder on the filter cup to facilitate the extraction of coffee with water, mainly in the form of V60 shaped filter paper and fan shaped filter paper. The stainless steel filter can be used repeatedly, which is more environmentally friendly and does not affect the original taste of the coffee. If finances allow, you can buy an electric bean grinder, which grinds beans very quickly and saves time and effort.

4. Coffee sharing pots

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Sharing pots are used to receive the extracted coffee liquids and are available in a variety of styles, generally in glass.

5. Electronic scales

LCD digital electronic scale to 500 grams ~ 2000 grams specifications, electronic weighing can be said to be a necessary condition when brewing coffee, with electronic weighing can not only grasp the amount of beans consumed per cup of coffee beans, accurately calculated into the cost per cup, you can also observe the amount of water in time, special brewing coffee electronic weighing can generally weigh the weight of water while timing, which is important for extracting a good cup of coffee.

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