If you whip a cup of dense milk froth?缩略图

If you whip a cup of dense milk froth?

Step 1: Choose a spot to inject at 1/3 of the coffee, tilt the coffee cup 10-15 degrees, first raise the milk pitcher about 10 cm height to pour the milk froth to pierce the grease.

Step 2: Lower the pulling cup, you can put the pulling cup infusion nozzle close to the mouth of the coffee cup, keep the flow left and right shaking, shaking to control the flow rate of pulling flowers to Z-shaped shaking, the distance is about 1cm is appropriate to form the milk froth layers.

Step 3: At this point, as the pulling cup continues to shake, the heart shape will continue to increase, pay attention to maintain the flow of milk froth. (Do not move the cup backwards when shaking, as the grease will automatically form a round shape).

Step 4: As the milk froth in the cup increases, slowly flatten the cup when injecting. The purpose of shaking the cup from side to side is to increase the layering of the heart shape, the more times it is shaken from side to side, the more layering there will be, and the more beautiful our pull will be.

Step 5: When the cup of milk is filled to 80% full, then flatten the coffee cup and prepare to raise the pulling cup, and at the same time reduce the amount of milk froth injected.

Step 6: When the cup is almost 90% full, raise the cup at a low flow rate.

Step 7: Move the milk froth from the center line to the end of the cup at a low flow rate, then stop filling. A standard cappuccino must be about 0.5 cm above the mouth of the cup so that it is full but not overflowing.

Step 8: At this point you will find that the milk froth is 1-1.5 cm thick in the coffee cup. Congratulations on the completion of the heart-shaped pull of a perfect cappuccino.

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