How to use the coffee moka pot ?缩略图

How to use the coffee moka pot ?

How to use the coffee moka pot ?插图

The process of making coffee using a moka pot can be broken down into the following steps:

1.Prepare the materials: make sure you have a moka pot, fresh ground coffee, hot water suitable for brewing coffee, and a stable heat source such as a cooker or alcohol lamp.

2、Fill the coffee powder: Put the ground coffee powder evenly into the filter of the moka pot. Be careful not to overfill the filter with coffee powder as this may affect the water flow.

3, heating water: pour hot water into the water chamber of the moka pot, the water level should not exceed the filter. It is appropriate to control the water temperature around 90-96℃.

4, heating extraction: put the moka pot on the heat source, turn on the fire source for heating. Wait for the hot water to pass through the coffee grounds and extract the flavour and aroma of the coffee. This process takes about 2-3 minutes.

5, turn off the fire and pour the coffee: when the coffee extraction is complete, turn off the fire and remove the moka pot. Then pour the extracted coffee into a cup and enjoy a delicious espresso.

6, cleaning the moka pot: after use, the moka pot should be cleaned in a timely manner, so as to avoid the residual coffee grounds affect the next use.


Before using the moka pot, make sure the appliance is dry and clean to avoid residue affecting the flavour of the coffee.

When filling the water, control the water speed to avoid the water flow is too large or too small. Also, make sure the water level does not exceed the safety line.

When making coffee, keep quiet and avoid shaking or moving the moka pot to avoid affecting the taste of coffee.

After making, wash the moka pot and filter paper in time to maintain the cleanliness of the appliance.

In the process of using, pay attention to safety, avoid scalding and other accidents.

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