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How to use a manual coffee grinder ?

Manual coffee grinders can grind coffee powder by simply turning the handle, and are more affordable than electric grinders, and more importantly, you can experience the fun of grinding beans. The only things you need to prepare are coffee beans, a grinder and a measuring spoon, and you can smell the aroma of freshly ground beans in your own home. It’s really great.

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However, to brew a good cup of coffee, not just put in the coffee beans, and then turn the handle to grind all the coffee beans so simple, there are some details inside need to pay attention to.

1. Confirm the amount of grind and the state of the powder that the grinder can grind

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The amount of coffee beans that can be ground varies from grinder to grinder, so you need to confirm the maximum grinding volume before you buy, and the coarseness of the powder is the best choice.

2. Put only the amount of coffee beans needed for one cup of coffee in the grinder

As the coffee beans are exposed to air for a longer period of time, the ground coffee beans will gradually oxidize, resulting in a loss of flavor and quality, so only put in the amount needed for one cup of coffee at a time.

3. Turn the handle at an even speed and grind the coffee beans evenly

For evenly sized coffee particles, an even grinding speed is important. When the grinding is finished, pour the coffee beans into the drip filter and then just lightly dust the powder off the grinder with a brush.

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