• Our Pursuit

    “Customer is our top priority” and”Create exquisite products ” are Banyan’s ideal pursuits. You can enjoy Banyan’s excellent services after you buy our company products. Our sales staffs will listen to your opinion, answer your question and offer your sincere suggestion.

  • Our Commitment

    “Make customers worry-free” is our solemn commitment to each customer. We spare no effort in pre-sales and in-sales service and reducing after-sales services.

  • Our Action

    When you make compliants,you are advised to ask a specific person for handling, our after-sales service department will deliver problems to the competent bodies to make analysis and offer feedbacks,ensuring that problems can be solved properly, quickly and efficiently

Not Enough? Feel Free To Contact Us!

faq support

Banyan Metal is committed to delivering the highest level of service to our partners and customers. Any of the following contact information can reach us:

phone +86 750 6891861/6891862
email Amy@banyanmetal.com
skype Amy Lin
skype Gingko Li
skype Cathleen Huang
skype Janet Zhou
skype Jane Huang